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Due early 2018...Under the alias of Zanov we find the works of French electronic pioneer Pierre Salkazanov, who had started playing guitar in the 1960s in a Shadows styled band, Les Ambassadors.

Instrumental rock was not enough for Salkazanov, he was always looking to progress, so when a meeting with French synth player Serge Ramses (of "Secret" fame) got him into the world of synthesizers he just dived deep into the bourgeoning world of electronic music.

He got his first syths and started producing works on a 4-track Teac tape machine. French music was at its best, it was the time of Jean Michel Jarre, Didier Bocquet, Richard Pinhas and Heldon, Alain Meunier...Gong's Tim Blake was living in France at that time too.

Zanov soon caught the attention of Polydor, who released Green Ray in 1976. It is a work made with minimal equipment if compared to other French artists, not to mention their German peers. He worked on the EMS VCS3 synth and used a 4-track Teac and a Revox A77 Mk IV reel to reel tape recorders obtaining huge sound results. You can appreciate the influence from the Berlin school, Green Ray walks the same path of the work artists like Tangerine Dream et al were producing at the time.

First ever vinyl reissue of Zanov's Green Ray under license from Pierre Salkazanov himself and with his cooperation.

Limited edition of 500 copies that reproduce its original artwork, come with remastered sound and an 8 page insert with liner notes and photos.

Bonus 7" with previously unreleased material.

Product Code (LPS206)
Condition New

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