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Alice In Wonderland & Other Rainy Day Girls.The Great Lost Southern Popsike Trip

Tennessee might not be the first place on the map which springs to mind when embarking on a magical mystery tour of the 1960s psychedelic scene, much less Nashville, with its long-established folk and country traditions. And yet, as this trip into the obscure backwaters of Southern popsike, blues-infused garage and bubblegum soul reveals, Music City wasn't all Nudie suits and steel guitars, no siree.

By delving into the further recesses of the Sun and SSS Int'l catalogues and casting its net as far south as Florida, this carefully compiled 2CD uncovers forgotten forays into the realms of fuzz-laden garage rock, lilting Baroque pop and saccharine psychedelia along with those whose wig-out weirdness defies easy categorisation.

Dig stinging sitars and Farfisa-fuelled fun? Then hop aboard!

Drawn from the Sun, SSS International, Amazon, Minaret, Honor Brigade labels and featuring sought-after cuts by The Rugbys, Strange Bedfellows, The Germs, H.Y. Sledge, The Tiffany System, Lord August, The Geers and The Berkeley Kites, this is a must-do musical excursion along the highways and byways of The Great Lost Southern Popsike Trip.

40 original US recordings 1965-71 from the vaults of Sun & SSS Int'l

Includes rare & previously unreleased recordings plus others new to CD

Deluxe digibook package includes a fully-annotated 24pp photo-laden booklet

CD 1: The Berkeley Kites - Alice In Wonderland / The Rugbys - Juditha Gina / The Jerms - Baby, Baby Love / The Gentrys - Goddess Of Love / The United Notions - Wait Until Tomorrow / The Jesters - Stompity Stomp (Slummer The Slum) / Randy & The Rest - The Vacuum / Randy & The Rest - Dreamin` / The Berkeley Kites - What Goes Up Must Come Down / The Sound Laboratory - Rainy Day Girls / Lazarus - Stay With Me / The Geers - I Need You / The Jerms - I`m A Teardrop / The United Notions - Sometime Baby / Tiffany System - Wayward One / Arnold Bean & Company - Captain Marvel / The Rugbys - Lines Of Thought / Half A World Away - I Got Your Love / Randy & The Radiants - Peek-a-boo / Count & The Colony - Symptoms Of Love

CD 2: Half A World Away - Confusion / The Gentrys - Cinnamon Girl / H Y Sledge - Canadian Exodus / The Jerms - Green Door / The United Notions - Melinda / The Rugbys - You, I / H Y Sledge - Finding It / The Young Society - Lass / The Rugbys - The Light / The Berkeley Kites - Mary-go-round / The Strange Bedfellows - Wild And Free / The Geers - Please Don`t Break My Heart / Randy & The Radiants - My Way Of Thinking / The United Notions - Money Man / The Jesters - The Big Hurt / Count & The Colony - Say What You Think / The Sound Laboratory - Twenty-first Century Girl / Load Of Mischief - I`m A Lover / The Berkeley Kites - Hang Up City / Lord August & The Vision Of Light - Let Me Be Me

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