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Sounds Of The Unexpected - Weird & Wacky Instrumentals From Pop’s Final Frontiers

Sadly, our good friend and colleague Vicki Fox passed away in 2016. As a teenager she’d worked at Rock On before becoming involved with Ace, where her skill at photographic restoration enhanced so many of our releases. A gifted artist and a passionate music fan, Vicki’s joie de vivre and live-wire personality enriched everything she undertook. Vicki also compiled several releases herself. Her love of cats was immortalised in “Feline Groovy” (CDCHD 1168), a CD which launched a thousand T-shirts. This was followed by “All Aboard” (CDCHD 1450), a highly eclectic collection of train songs. No less eclectic, Vicki’s latest, and last, compilation draws upon another of her passions – the wild and wacky instrumental. Casting her net wide from MOR to Reggae, Rockabilly to R&B “Sounds Unexpected” celebrates the unusual, the groovy and the downright bonkers with 24 of her favourite cuts.

With recordings by André Brasseur, the Tornados, Travis Wammack, Martin Denny and the Upsetters, the result is never less than intriguing and entertaining. Echoing her own inclusive nature, two dozen of Vicki’s friends and work colleagues contribute to the sleeve notes.

1. WATUSI ZOMBIE - Jan Davis 2. SAVAGE GIRL - Felix & His Fabulous Cats 3. MAD TRAIN - Andre Brasseur 4. WAR OF THE WORLDS - The Atlantics 5. FUNKY ME - Timmy Thomas 6. CARAVAN - Gabor Szabo 7. HOT POT - The Tornados 8. AZTEC - Bo Diddley (Lead Guitar By The Duchess) 9. R.F.D. RANGOON - The Forbidden Five 10. WATUSIE FREEZE PT 1 - Big Walter (Price) & Thunderbirds 11. FLAMEOUT - The 101 Strings 12. MUSIC TO WATCH SPACE GIRLS BY - Leonard Nimoy 13. UH OH - The Imps 14. WALTZ IN ORBIT - Ray Cathode 15. MOOG INDIGO - Jean Jacques Perrey 16. SPACE WALK - The Astros 17. HUNG OVER - The Martinis 18. THE SHEIK - Ray Ellis & His Orchestra 19. B'WANA BONGOS - Preston Epps 20. LONG SENTENCE - The Upsetters 21. IT'S KARATE TIME - Travis Wammack 22. ZOCKO - The Ventures 23. MISIRLOU - Martin Denny 24. RUSSIAN ROULETTE - The Zanies

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