V.A. / ONE WAY GLASS 1968 - 75 (3CD)

V.A. / ONE WAY GLASS 1968 - 75 (3CD)

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ONE WAY GLASS is a very different kind of RPM compilation. Instead of the usual cross-section of Sixties collectables, this unique 3-CD set takes a fresh look at British music from the late 60s through to the mid-70s, with an eye on overlooked dancefloor-friendly finds.

The rhythmic backbone of One Way Glass lies in Progressive Rock outfits who – every so often – would emulate their jazz heroes and record funky sides tucked away on albums or B-sides. Many of these tracks (Jonesy, Hardin & York) have been known to collectors of Funky Breaks for years.

In addition, One Way Glass boasts some excellent funky Folk tracks which lighten the load for the listener – tracks by Alan James Eastwood, Bridget St. John, Dana Gillespie, Joan Armatrading and Melanie, for example.

More typical Funk Rock selections come from Hanson (featuring future Bob Marley & The Wailers mainstay Junior Marvin on guitar) and Curtis Knight Zeus (fronted by Jimi Hendrix’s old bandmate and featuring future Motorhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke).

Maybe it all started – in terms of Breaks and Hip Hop culture, at least – with DJ Kool Herc, who would spin key segments from old Rock records to create the Funky Break. Ever since, fans of funky music have been crate digging to find any tunes which have that infectious shuffle, regardless of their musical heritage or background.

In some ways, One Way Glass is the next chapter in the musical story told on previous RPM box sets, Looking Back, Keep Lookin’ and Night Comes Down, which documented British artists who made music inspired by black America, aimed squarely at the clubs. Now, instead of borrowing from R&B and Soul, the Prog-era bands took a leaf from American jazz and funk artists.

Recommended for anyone who loves Acid Jazz, Funk Rock, early 70s Fusion or the groovy end of late 60s Psychedelia!

Disc One: 1. ONE WAY GLASS - Trifle 2. ELEGY - Colosseum 3. MAN FROM AFGHANISTAN - Curtiss Maldoon 4. 3D MONA LISA - Paul Brett Sage 5. HOME IS WHERE I BELONG - Quicksand 6. SOMETHIN’ YOU GOT - Second Hand 7. GET ONE TOGETHER - Paladin 8. COLD WALL OF STONE - Fat Mattress 9. LIBEL - Hard Stuff 10. SANCTUARY - Gravy Train 11. CITY OF DARKNESS - The Web 12. OUT OF NOWHERE - Patrick Campbell-Lyons 13. THE BITCH - Gasoline Band 14. I SAW AN ANGEL - Pentangle 15. RICOCHET - Jonesy 16. REVOLUTION’S DEATH MAN - Edwards Hand 17. MACUMBE - Bond & Brown 18. HENRY - CMU 19. SUNBURNT VIRGIN TROUSERS - Knocker Jungle 20. CUBANO CHANT - Climax Chicago Blues Band 21. SHE’S MY SISTER - Open Road 22. THE LORD DOESN'T WANT YOU - Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

Disc Two: 1. I’VE GOT MY MOJO WORKING - Melanie 2. EYEBALLS - Blue Mink 3. CELEBRATION - Chillum 4. CONFUSIONS ABOUT A GOLDFISH - John Kongos 5. SKIN VALLEY SERENADE - Skin Alley 6. LITTLE MESSAGE - Jody Grind 7. WEREN’T BORN A MAN - Dana Gillespie 8. DRINKING MY WINE - Hardin & York 9. SHE’S MINE, SHE’S YOURS - Juicy Lucy 10. AVEZ-VOUS KASKELAINEN? - Burnin Red Ivanhoe 11. MESSAGE TO MANKIND - Demon Fuzz 12. CLOSER TO THE TRUTH - Alan James Eastwood 13. WAKE UP MY CHILDREN - Siren 14. THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT - Curtis Knight Zeus 15. HILARY DICKSON - Atlantic Bridge 16. SLY WILLY - Blue Beard 17. MEAN OLD MAN - Joan Armatrading 18. FUNKY - Spencer Davis Group 19. IN THE BEGINNING - The Foundations

Disc Three: 1. HE’S GONNA STEP ON YOU AGAIN - John Kongos 2. BAD TIMES - Paladin 3. INSTANT WHIP – The Tremeloes 4. THE ROCK - Atomic Rooster 5. MARGARITA - Fat Mattress 6. GESOLREUT (Live) - Soft Machine 7. SOME KIND OF BEAUTIFUL - Bridget St. John 8. HOUSE ON THE HILL - Audience 9. INDIAN ROPE MAN - Noir 10. SO MANY PEOPLE - Skin Alley 11. ALIBI ANNIE - Trifle 12. I’M A THIEF - Juicy Lucy 13. TRAVELLING LIKE A GYPSY - Hanson 14. LOOKING FOR THE RED LABEL - Fair Weather 15. I’M A MAN - The Web 16. PIGS FOOT - Pesky Gee 17. ONE WAY GLASS - John Schroeder Orchestra

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