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NIGHT COMES DOWN continues RPM’s ongoing pedigree in creating bespoke Sixties compilations of rare British music aimed at discerning collectors.

This 3-CD box set follows previous collections Looking Back (2011) and Keep Lookin’ (2014), which ran the gamut of musical styles which emanated from the UK, diverse and yet united in their dancefloor appeal, from the discotheques of the day to nouveau Mod clubs in the 21st century.

Many tracks make their official debut on CD, including rarities by The Gnomes Of Zurich, Kevin ‘King’ Lear, Dominic Grant, The Shadrocks, The Reaction, Al Saxon, The Hammers, etc. In addition, ‘Cypress’ by The Truth is a previously unissued variant of Donovan’s ‘Hey Gyp’.

Familiar names (The Spencer Davis Group, Laurel Aitken, The Moody Blues, Arthur Brown) are joined by cult favourites (John’s Children, Mickey Finn, The Bo Street Runners) and relative unknowns (Five’s Company, The Second Thoughts).

Across the three CDs, NIGHT COMES DOWN charts the development of Beat music in its various guises, from the gutsy yet jazzy R&B which opens Disc 1 through to horn-laden Brit Soul (Norma Lee, The Brothers Grimm), fuzz-laden Freakbeat (Favourite Sons, The Tomcats, The In Crowd), Femme Pop (Twiggy, Twinkle), and groovy Loungecore (courtesy of Mark Wirtz and Les Reed’s British Lion Orchestra).

Disc 3 reflects the influence of Psychedelia, as Swinging London became multi-coloured, with assorted treats from The Alan Bown, The Mike Stuart Span and The Spectrum, with some unlikely Mod-ish discoveries by “hairy” bands such as The Deviants and Fat Mattress.

Anyone who tried to purchase every 45 captured on NIGHT COMES DOWN would have to set aside several thousand pounds!

The deluxe clamshell package includes a weighty booklet full of illustrations, with a 12,000-word sleeve-note comprising a detailed summary of all 87 tracks on offer.

Disc One: 1. MAMA (HE TREATS YOUR DAUGHTER MEAN) – Lita Roza 2. I NEED YOUR LOVING - Ronnie Jones & The Night-Timers 3. BABY, DON’T DO IT – Laurel Aitken 4. TABOO MAN - Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated 5. PILLS - Mickey Finn & Blue Men 6. WORK SONG – James Royal 7. SEVENTH SON - The Second Thoughts 8. COMIN’ HOME BABY - The Mark Wirtz Orchestra & Chorus 9. IT’S A LIE - Philip Goodhand-Tait & The Stormsville Shakers 10. AND I DO JUST WHAT I WANT - The Bo Street Runners 11. AND MY BABY’S GONE – The Moody Blues 12. LIKE THAT - Mike Cotton Sound 13. GONNA MAKE A WOMAN OF YOU - A Band Of Angels 14. SHE’S A GIRL - The Attraction 15. IT’S ALRIGHT - The Rocking Vickers 16. READY, STEADY - The Clockwork Oranges 17. CAN YOU HEAR ME – The Cymbaline 18. A TU VERA – The Tomcats 19. I AIN’T GOT YOU - Five’s Company 20. THE SNAKE - Kevin ‘King’ Lear 21. JUGGER TEA - Oliver Bone 22. DON'T THAT BEAT THEM ALL - Just Five 23. NO OTHER BABY - Chad & Jeremy 24. GOTTA GET THROUGH TO YOU - Eden Kane 25. BIG FAT SPIDER - Heinz 26. YOU'RE GONNA GET YOUR WAY – Glenda Collins 27. WHAT AM I DOING HERE WITH YOU - Twinkle 28. ROLLING ON – Norma Lee 29. THE OTHER SIDE OF LOVE – The Caravelles 30. TIME IS ON MY SIDE - Four + One

Disc Two: 1. NIGHT COMES DOWN – Mickey Finn 2. SHORT CHANGE – Spencer Davis Group 3. BIG BARE BEAT - The British Lion Orchestra 4. PHONE ME - Robb And Dean Douglas 5. MY LOVE - Ronnie Jones 6. THE SOCIETY FOR THE PROTECTION OF LOVE - The Stormsville Shakers 7. WHAT’S HER NAME - Guy Darrell 8. COUNT ME OUT - Kevin ‘King’ Lear 9. CAN’T STOP TALKIN’ ABOUT MY BABY – Mike Patto 10. SOUL SERENADE – The Mike Cotton Sound 11. KNOCK ON WOOD – Oliver Bone 12. JUST ONE MORE CHANCE – The Outer Limits 13. DON’T STOP GIRL – Dominic Grant 14. WHEN I THINK OF YOU - Twiggy 15. YEH YEH - The Mark Wirtz Orchestra & Chorus 16. THAT DRIVING BEAT - The Favourite Sons 17. BLOW UP – The In Crowd 18. PARTY LINE – The Attraction 19. ARTHUR GREEN – Andy Ellison 20. CYPRESS (PREVIOUSLY UNISSUED) – The Truth 21. SINK OR SWIM - Circus 22. SHE WAS REALLY SAYING SOMETHING - Doc Thomas Group 23. TAKE ME FOR A LITTLE WHILE – Rusty Harness 24. BABY AND ME – The Hammers 25. GOING GOING GONE - Mike Hurst & Mike D’abo 26. THERE IS – The Shadrocks 27. AFRODISIAC – The Web 28. FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU – The Reaction 29. EAST SIDE 628 – Al Saxon 30. A MAN NEEDS LOVE – The Brothers Grimm

Disc Three: GIRL ON A MOTORCYCLE - The British Lion Orchestra 2. THE EAGLE FLIES ON FRIDAY – The Exceptions 3. LONDON BRIDGE IS COMING DOWN – The Spectrum 4. ELEVATOR - Grapefruit 5. PEACOCK DRESS – Sun Dragon 6. LOOKING TOWARDS THE SKY - Davey Payne & The Medium Wave 7. VIOLIN SHOP – The Alan Bown 8. REMEMBER THE TIMES – Mike Stuart Span 9. HOLD ON – Rupert’s People 10. GIVE WHAT YOU TAKE (DEMO) - The Lomax Alliance 11. SECOND FIDDLE - The Gnomes Of Zurich 12. I’VE GOT MONEY - The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown 13. COME AND PLAY WITH ME IN THE GARDEN – John’s Children 14. FIRE IN THE CITY – The Deviants 15. SUNSHINE SUPERMAN - Big Jim Sullivan 16. TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS - The Mirage 17. FLOWERS ARE FLOWERING (DEMO) - The 23rd Turnoff 18. MR. UNIVERSE – Episode Six 19. I DON'T MIND – Fat Mattress 20. HOW DO YOU FEEL – Sounds Incorporated 21. INFATUATION – The Secrets 22. CALL ME LIGHTNING – The Good Vibrations 23. MAE WEST - Ken Moule’s London Jazz Chamber Group 24. PUMPKIN MINI – Katch 22 25. EINER KLEINER MISER MUSIK - Tony Rivers & The Castaways 26. THANK YOU BABY FOR COMING - The Matchmakers 27. THE MEANING OF LOVE – Putney Bridge

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