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Price: £14.99

Product Information

Gotta Get Up - The Songs of Harry Nilsson 1965-1972

Bookended by his daughter Annie’s recording of the title track and Andy Williams’ version of ‘Remember (Christmas)’, this release in Ace Records’ highly regarded Songwriters series celebrates the one and only Harry Nilsson.

It’s one of the great paradoxes of contemporary pop music that Nilsson, one of the most talented and respected American songwriters of the 20th century, is primarily remembered for his stone classic recordings of two songs written by others: Fred Neil’s ‘Everybody’s Talkin’’ and Badfinger’s ‘Without You’.

“Gotta Get Up!” aims to remedy that by spotlighting two-dozen Nilsson songs from the years 1965 to 1972, including several of which he made no official recordings. Among the highlights are ‘Cuddly Toy’ and ‘Daddy’s Song’ performed by Nilsson champions the Monkees, Al Kooper’s harmony-filled recording of ‘Mournin’ Glory Story’, Canadian folkie Tom Northcott’s version of Nilsson’s autobiographical ‘1941’ and the MFQ’s Phil Spector-produced ‘This Could Be The Night’, one of Brian Wilson’s favourite records.

Fully illustrated booklet features copious notes by Mick Patrick and Ian Johnston.

1. GOTTA GET UP - Annie Nilsson 2. DADDY'S SONG - The Monkees 3. MOURNIN' GLORY STORY - Al Kooper 4. THIS COULD BE THE NIGHT - The MFQ 5. 1941 - Tom Northcott 6. CUDDLY TOY - The Monkees 7. BATH - Doris 8. BUTTERS LAMENT - The Family Tree 9. GOOD TIMES - Alan Lake 10. THE STORY OF ROCK AND ROLL - Collage 11. TEN LITTLE INDIANS - The Yardbirds 12. HEY LITTLE GIRL (DO YA WANNA GET MARRIED) - Jimmie Cross 13. BEST FRIEND - Puppet 14. POLY HIGH - Harpers Bizarre 15. OPEN YOUR WINDOW - The 5th Dimension 16. SLEEP LATE, MY LADY FRIEND - José Feliciano 17. I SAID GOODBYE TO ME - The Glass Menagerie 18. PARADISE - The Shangri-Las 19. LET ME GO - Pat & André 20. THE NEXT DAY - Debbie Burton 21. TOGETHER - Sandie Shaw 22. WITHOUT HER - Blood, Sweat & Tears 23. ONE - George Tipton 24. REMEMBER - Andy Williams

Product Code: (CDTOP1503)