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On the Heyday Jukebox
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Price: £9.99

Product Information

From the minds behind Piccadilly Sunshine, Mixed Up Minds, Upside Down and Beat!Freak!

Particles regretfully announces another dose of minor irritation from the brain of Dustin E. Presenting a disturbing collection of stereophonic hallucinations replete with archival imagery, a loving touch of restoration and a simple narrative.

Includes a 20-page full colour booklet, comprehensive liner notes and rare pictorial beauty.

1. THE GERMAN BONDS Birthday Is Today 1969 2. THE DUKES The Dentist 1969 3. LES BAROQUES When you’re Feeling Good 1968 4. THE TROUBLEMAKERS Blow The Horn 1967 5. OLA and THE JANGLERS Blow My Blues Away 1967 6. T-BOONES I Want You 1967 7. THE TROUBLEMAKERS Sally 1967 8. THE DEEJAYS Inside My Mind 1966 9. THE TEENMAKERS You Better Run 1968 10. TOPMOST U.F.O. 1968 11. THE RIPPERS Night At The Lagoon 1968 12. THE BURTONS Criss Craft Number Nine 1967 13. COUNTDOWN Alexandrina (The Great) 1969 14. RANDY AND THE REST The Vacuum 1967 15. THE COINS Sadness 1968 16. THE ASHTRAYS Depression 1968 17. THE FROGS LTD. The Man On The Cloud 1967 18. THE GHOSTMEN The Ghost 1969 19. THE SAVAGES City Sun 1968 20. THE LOLLIPOPS Good Times Baby 1969

Product Code: (PARTCD4078)