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From the minds behind Piccadilly Sunshine, Mixed Up Minds, Electric Asylum, Upside Down, Velvet Revolutions, Curiosity Shop and The Electric Sound Show, we are most absurdly disposed to present: There is no better joy known to man than harking back to an era where an abundance of melodic hocus pocus resides.

Join us in the glorious pursuit of something more appealing than the mere meaning of life where rules are broken, but standards are observed.

Grab yourself a bellyful of Sweden, Poland, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, the US of A and Finland in a top twenty-two of the most disgraceful, undignified juvenile absurdity to reach the auditory senses.

Two tracks have been deleted for your own health and safety so tread with caution!

Particles presents a captivating collection replete with original, archival imagery, a loving touch of restoration, no lack of nouse and a simple (minded) narrative, what more could you ask?

Tracklisting: 1. THE OUTSIDERS Inside Of Me 1968 2. THE RAVES Everything’s Fire 1968 3. NIEBIESKO CZARNI Can’t You See Me 1968 4. EVOLUTION She’s So Fine 1970 5. OMEGA RED STAR Wake Up 1968 6. OLA and THE JANGLERS We’ve Got A Groovey Thing Going 1966 7. JESS and JAMES Lip Service 1969 8. THE BOOTS Gaby 1966 9. TONY HENDRIK FIVE Honey Sunny Baby 1969 10. THE TONICS Daddy 1969 11. COOL STOVE Big Sensation 1967 12. NIEBIESKO CZARNI Purple Hazy 1968 13. BLUES SECTION Hey, Hey, Hey 1967 14. ANNAABEE NOX Bo Bo Boggie Pack 1967 15. ZDROJ JANA Telephone Song 1969 16. VINNIE BASILE Gypsy Girl 1967 17. PROUD FLESH Hey Mister 1970 18. TEST Please Give Me The Key 1968 19. LES BAROQUES I’ll Send You To The Moon 1966 20. LOBOS Cabine Classe A 1968

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