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One of RPM Records defining releases remains the Dream Babes series, the Brit Girl Sound collections which started in 1994 and ran until 2007 reaching volume 8. The scene for collecting such sounds has only grown bigger and more international since then. Now it is time for RPM’s concluding word on the subject of its own series with this 3CD box set.

80 tracks, none duplicated from the DB series, many tracks fresh to CD, five tracks previously unreleased. Compiled with much learned, many archive tapes unearthed, and recordings dug from crates since the series last volume.

The booklet contains an important essay on the whole scene’s history from one who was there at the start in the early 1980s. Ian Chapman gives chapter and verse on how the scene developed and the stages it took to reach where we are today.

We further have a piece from Bob Stanley and his take on the scene, including working with some of the artists. It was Bob who, in 1994, came to RPM with the idea of a compilation which became Volume 1 – Am I Dreaming.

All lovingly put together by major contributor to the series and scene, Michael Robson. Thus the booklet contains many rare pics and background information about the 80 strong track listing from Michael’s extensive archive.

Spanning the full spectrum of the scene, known for its gratifying diversity, the box set offers slick originals and intriguing covers, from early girls to late girls, beat girls, folk girls, hippy girls and mod girls. Here, you’ll also find the brash teeners, the raw belters, the wistful balladeers, the brassy pub singers, the breathy harmonisers and the bluesy shouters. There are Essex girls, lasses from Lancashire, Glasgwegians and hey there Geordie girls, Chelsea debs and daughters of Cardiff and Coventry, Stoke and Southend. The Commonwealth gets a nod too, with Kiwi gals and Caribbean queens. Not forgetting Schoolgirls and secretaries, convent girls and actresses, daughters of diplomats, god-daughters of royalty and stars before they were stars.

Fair to say no box has been left unticked on the ‘Am I Dreaming?’ Brit Girl box…

DISC ONE: 1. TELL ME MAMA - Christine Quaite 2. ONLY YOU CAN DO IT – The Vernons Girls 3. BIG MAN – Kathy Kirby 4. COME ON HOME – The Springfields 5. A LITTLE LOVE – Sue & Sunshine 6. YOUR NOSE IS GONNA GROW – Jan Dalton 7. THE LAST ONE TO KNOW – The Caravelles 8. THOU SHALT NOT STEAL – Glenda Collins 9. SOMETHING I’VE GOT TO TELL YOU (UNRELEASED) – Lorraine Child 10. END OF THE LINE – Cloda Rodgers 11. BABY IT’S ME – Petula Clark 12. I HEARD SOMEBODY SAY – Jackie Trent 13. WHEN LOVE IS TRUE – Susan Hampshire 14. DANCE ON – Kathy Kirby 15. I DON’T UNDERSTAND – Nola York 16. I ONLY CARE ABOUT YOU – Beryl Marsden 17. A SHOT OF RHYTHM AND BLUES – Cilla Black 18. SOMETHING’S GOT A HOLD ON ME – Elkie Brooks 19. CHILDREN’S SONG – Greta Ann 20. SAY NOTHIN’ DON’T TELL – Billie Davis 21. JENNY LET HIM GO - Antoinette 22. NEVER LET HIM GO – Maureen Evans 23. I JUST DON’T KNOW HOW - Angelina 24. THE SHA LA LA SONG – Marianne Faithfull 25. CHILD YOU - Lorraine 26. LOOK AT THEM – Gillian Hills 27. BABY I DON’T CARE – Kiki Dee 28. SOMETHING SPECIAL – Dusty Springfield 29. GEORGY GIRL – Sandy Edmonds 30. SO LONG BABE – Barbara Ewing

DISC TWO: 1. MY TWO ARMS MINUS YOU = TEARS – Jan Panter 2. TWO LOVERS – Louise Cordet 3. THE LOSING KIND – Kim Davis 4. PLEASE GO AWAY – Marilyn Powell 5. SOLDIER BOY – The Exceptions 6. GIVE ME TIME – The Carols 7. YOU'LL BE TOO LATE – New Faces 8. MIND HOW YOU GO – Barry St. John 9. TILL HE TELLS ME – Jacki Martin 10. YOU TOUCH ME BABY – The Dollies 11. STOP FOOLING AROUND - Lulu 12. HE DOESN’T LOVE ME – Adrienne Poster 13. NEW YORK – The Caravelles 14. DON’T YOU FEEL PROUD – Barry St. John 15. MY HEART’S NOT IN IT – Cheryl St. Clair 16. WHY DON’T I RUN AWAY FROM YOU? – Kiki Dee 17. THE WAY OF THE WORLD – Helen Shapiro 18. WHERE IS HE - Flamma Sherman 19. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE RAIN - Peanut 20. TAKING TIME OFF – Truly Smith 21. WE’RE IN THIS THING TOGETHER – The Carrolls 22. TAKE MY LOVE - Val And The V’s 23. HURT – Norma Lee 24. MOTOWN FEELING – Maynell Wilson 25. (LOVE IS LIKE A) HEATWAVE – Cilla Black

DISC THREE: 1. I LIVE MY LIFE – Samantha Jones 2. LOVE IS NOW - Jacky 3. CATCH A ROBBER BY THE TOE - Sylvia McNeill 4. DO IT AGAIN A LITTLE BIT SLOWER - Val And The V’s 5. RAGAMUFFIN - Squibby And The Reflections 6. NO ROAD IS THE RIGHT ROAD – Christine Perfect 7. TAKE WHAT YOU WANT (UNRELEASED) – Friday Brown 8. INFATUATION – Nicola Davies 9. LOVE ME FOREVER – The Butterflies 10. TEA WITH THE SUN – Mellow Candle 11. BILLY SUNSHINE – Judi Scott 12. STELLA IN LIGHTS – Jan Panter 13. CONCERNING LOVE – Tammy St. John 14. LOVE IS A LONG JOURNEY – Petula Clark 15. YOU WON’T SEE ME LEAVING (UNRELEASED) – Barbara Ruskin 16. BROKEN HEARTED ME, EVIL HEARTED YOU - Cinnamon 17. SPINNING WHEEL – Maxine Nightingale 18. RICH GIRL – Tina Charles 19. RAINBOW (UNRELEASED) – The Triplets 20. EMPTY SUNDAY – Sue Wilshaw 21. WHEN YOU SAY – Christine Perfect 22. A ROAD TO NOWHERE – Lesley Duncan 23. SAVE ME, SAVE ME - Sylvia McNeill 24. ALL GOD’S CHILDREN GOT SOUL - Birds Of A Feather 25. YOUR TIME IS GONNA COME – Sandie Shaw

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