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On the Heyday Jukebox
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Price: £11.99

Product Information

German 60s influenced garage punk‐band formed in 1993

Fuzz‐guitar, hammond organ, harp, a psychedelic freakbeat‐influences all played on vintage equipment.

This brand new album features a cover of “Driving Sideways On A One‐Way Street” (originally by MERRELL FANKHAUSER), as well as their own compositions.

TRACK LISTING Into Your Eyes / You Gotta Hurt Me / Crazy Town (Move On Little Children)/ Pandora's Wonderland / I Will Follow The Light / What's Wrong With Mr. Shale / People Think / Where You Are Going To / Touch The Ground / As I Tried / Driving Sideways On A One‐Way Street / My Illusion

Product Code: (SFRCD039)cs