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On the Heyday Jukebox
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Price: £6.00

Product Information

Limited-pressing - less than 600 copies colour vinyl, gatefold sleeve no downloads and no CDs

It’s about time we had some proper 70s keyboard-led German/UK progressive rock round these parts, and who better to deliver it than a band from....Austin, Texas.

Proud Peasant are new band on the Fruits de Mer label, introduced to them by an FdM club member.

They may be from the US but they know their way round seventies prog rock very well indeed – here they’ve chosen to cover tracks originally recorded by Eloy (from their 1973 album, ‘Inside’) and by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (again from 1973, from their ‘Solar Fire’ album).

Dust down those brushed cotton 27” flare loons, sew on some patches, open up your latest copy of Sounds, it’s as if the last 40 years never happened....

1. Daybreak (originally by Eloy) 2. Saturn, Lord Of The Ring/ Mercury, The Winged Messenger (originally by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band)

Product Code: (CRUSTACEAN70)