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Price: £12.99

Product Information

Pradeep Barot, Riccardo Battaglia & Federico Sanesi / Tales of Indian Sarod

The musical meeting of Pradeep Barot, master of the Sarod (string instrument in the Northern Indian classical tradition) with one of his best students, Riccardo Battaglia, playing two major ragas of Indian classical repertoire. They are joined by tabla player Federico Sanesi.

The three ragas presented on the CD, Bageshri, Abhogi and Kafi are night ragas, based on Thaat (mode) Kafi, a scale quite widespread in Hindustani music (the Northern Indian classical style), similar to the Doric mode of the Western system.

Each raga has a unique and specific way to treat the notes of the scale, the compositions and improvisation, thus generating different emotions and states of mind in the listener.

Tracks: Raga Bageshri - Alap / Raga Bageshri - Jod / Raga Bageshri - Gat In Rupak Taal / Raga Bageshri - Gat In Tintaal / Raga Abhogi - Alap / Raga Abhogi - Gat In Tintaal / Raga Kafi - Dhun In Addha Taal

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