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Price: £9.00

Product Information

Originally formed in 2014, Mark and The Clouds emerged into the sunlight with their debut album ‘Blue Skies Opening’.

Influenced by classic British beat groups like The Beatles, The Kniks and The Small Faces, they received glowing reviews and made it into Vive La Rock magazine's best album of 2014 list.

Like their debut album, 'Cumulus' is packed with powerful, melodic psych-tinged power pop, rock and ballads.

It’s released on 180 gram black vinyl and CD.

1. On Her Bike 2. Road, Mud & Cold 3. Hit By Lightning 4. Another Grey Morning 5. You’re So Cold 6. Sheltered By The Wall Of Sound 7. I’m Stopping Here (Bombs & Guns) 8. Baby, You’re Just A Liar 9. The Endless Road 10. The Lady Was A Freak 11. Take My Sky 12. Let Me Fade Away 13. Sweet & Wild 14. Don’t Block The Sun 15. Evil Fairies Sent from Mail

Product Code: (DODOCD21)