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Due in late September...Icarus Peel, Crystal Jacqueline and The Honey Pot created a double album of new songs along with classic and obscure songs from the 60s/early 70s to celebrate FdM's 100th vinyl release.

They would have done a superb job of it on their own - but they roped an astonishing cast of Fruits de Mer and Honey Pot friends and family to contribute to create something pretty remarkable.

The album sold out incredibly quickly and picked up some great feedback - so Icarus invited a few more friends along to join in the fun and the double LP has turned into a 3CD set, with almost an hour of extra music.

Who are the late arrivers? How about Beau, who recreates his classic 'Silence Returns' with the help of the provider of the track's original corrosive electric guitar, Tractor's Jim Milne! or Tir na nOg, who come up a wholly unexpected re-work of a Moody Blues song...The Pretty Things' Dick Taylor returns to add some tasteful guitar to his own 'Sitting All Alone' (a remix of the track from the vinyl release)...Marc Swordfish from Astralasia and Glenda Pescado from Sendelica join the party, along with FdM regulars Ted Selke and Jay Tausig.

Once again, it's all pulled together by the indomitable Icarus Peel

DISC ONE: 1. 1969 (guest James Lowe) 2. Solomon Deep (guest Dick Taylor) 3. Love Is Green (guest Jack Ellister) 4. Dr Crippen's Waiting Room (guest Anton Barbeau) 5. Can't You See The Witch (guest Cary Grace) 6. Half A Memory (guests Peter Cook and Tom Newman from July) 7. Sitting All Alone (guests include Judy Dyble and Us & Them) 8. I've Been So Tired

DISC TWO: 1. Time Machine (guests Nick Saloman and Ade Shaw) 2. Lucky Spaceman (guest Gregory Curvey from The Luck Of Eden Hall) 3. Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow (guest Steve Palmer from Mooch) 4. America 5. Into The Deep (guests include Bruce Woolley from Buggles) 6. River Runs By (guest Tony Durant from Fuchsia)

DISC THREE: 1. Child Of The Moon (guest Ted Selke from The Seventh Ring Of Saturn) 2. Half A Memory (re-mix) 3. Silence Returns (guests Beau, plus Jim Milne from Tractor) 4. Empyrian House (guest Gregory Curvey) 5. Sitting All Alone (re-mix with added guitar by Dick Taylor ) 6. Fear Of Forgetting (guest Glenda Pescado from Sendelica) 7. Never Comes The Day (guests Tir na nOg) 8. We Used To Know (guest Jay Tausig) 9. First Light (guest Marc Swordfish from Astralasia)

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