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Price: £9.00

Product Information

Crystal Jacqueline was born in Wiltshire, England and from an early age she developed a love and a talent for music. In 2010 she recorded her first album and was a founder member of The Honey Pot. She has released several singles and albums for the Fruits de Mer and Mega Dodo labels and has developed a reputation as one of the best female vocalists on the neo-psych scene.

This is her latest album for Mega Dodo entitled Await The Queen

A gorgeous album of rich psychedelic textures and lighter acid-folk melodies, it mixes both with ease to deliver a sensual mix of textures and sonic landscapes that make it an immersive sonic experience. Her haunting vocals combined with the song writing skills of her producer, Icarus Peel, to once again produce one of those albums that you hear once, play again, and before you know it, an entire day has gone by and you’ve still not heard enough.

Track listing

Your Bartered Bride / Crumble / Yesterlove / Love / Ivy / Akhbar / Someone / Faerie Tears / One White Day Side / Rubies My Heart / Sebastian / Breathe / My Sad Days / Spanish Horses / Your Dry Ghost / Await The Queen / The Lost Song Of Sleep

Product Code: (DODOCD23)